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Wear Your Brand with a Hello Amber Cuff

Branding is one of the things I never really thought about. That “Diyosa” branding I proudly use is one I started as a joke. Lolz! But now, I have embraced it with all my heart, mind, and soul. And now I proudly wear it with me everyday with my Hello Amber Cuff. And now you can also wear your brand with Hello Amber Cuffs.

Hello Amber Customized Cuffs
Hello Amber Customized Cuffs

I have seen the Creative Agenda Lab being promoted by various local artists and entrepreneurs on Facebook and Instagram. So when I got the opportunity to visit, I did so. I immediately fell in love with the place and wanted to buy something.

I decided on a Rose Gold Hello Amber Cuff. Luckily, I saw that I can have one customized.

Hello Amber Cuffs

I was told that I should order online if I wanted customized Hello Amber Cuffs so I went to their website at http://www.helloamberstudio.com.

They have few items on their catalogue: Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold Customizable Cuffs and Customizable Necklaces. Or so I thought… those were actually Brass, Aluminum, and Copper, respectively.

All three are available in Regular Size and in Skinny. And you can also get an Aluminum Thick Cuff.

All cuffs are customizable with up to 50 characters.

Aluminum Cuffs are most affordable at P395 for a Skinny Cuff, P445 for a Regular Cuff, and P495 for a Thick Cuff.

Skinny Brass Cuffs are P495 while Regular Brass Cuffs are priced at P545.

Copper Brass Cuffs are most expensive with a Skinny Cuff priced at P545 and a Regular Cuff at P595.

#DiyosaLife Hello Amber Cuff

I decided on a Skinny Copper Cuff with my hashtag #DiyosaLife. Pondered on it a bit but decided to check out my cart after a while.

Why? Because I really wanted a Hello Amber Cuff. It is so pretty and the moment I saw one at Creative Agenda, I knew it would go well with my favorite Rose Gold Digital Watch.

The Hello Amber site, luckily, also offers advice on how to take care of the cuffs. It seems like Copper is the material that is most tedious to take care of. I didn’t and still don’t care. I really like the rose gold-like color.

When I got my #DiyosaLife Hello Amber Cuff, I was not disappointed at all.

It was as gorgeous as I had imagined and I have been wearing it everyday. Well, every time I am out of the house. And yes, I proudly show it off to other people.
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