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McMcMcChicken with Dong and Yan

If there’s one thing I love about McDonald’s it is their 24 hours delivery service. With no minimum order required. I’m matakaw. You are free to judge me. 😛

So when stuff like this…

McMcMcChicken with Dong and Yan
McMcMcChicken with Dong and Yan

…and this…

…pop up on my newsfeed, I can get my McMcMcChicken fix right away.

There are three ways I order from the McDonald’s 24 hour delivery service.

  • Dial +6382-228-MCDO (6236) for Davao residents.
  • Use the McDonald’s App.
  • Or go to www.mcdelivery.com.ph.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I literally live one block away from a McDonald’s Branch that’s open 24/7 and I do buy from the store sometimes but McDelivery is just much more convenient for me, especially when my McMcMcChicken cravings come at past 10 pm.

Like Dong and Yan and I (yes, ka-level ko sila), you can order to satisfy your McMcMcChicken cravings any time of the day, any day of the week. Just dial, use the app, or visit the site.