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My Serenitea Diary 2016 Story

Holiday Gift from Serenitea
Holiday Gift from Serenitea

I have always believed that there is no better gift than one you can share with others. So I was looking forward to buying the Serenitea Diary 2016. The planner was pretty and it had several Serenitea gift and discount coupons which I could share. I am not ashamed to say I was attracted to the planner primarily because of the coupons. My cousins and I frequent Serenitea so the coupons would be a treat for us.

My plan was to buy Serenitea Gift Certificates worth the required amount and give the GCs to my cousins as holiday gifts. It was a gift to myself and to my cousins with just one purchase. And I was also planning to share the coupons in the planner with my cousins and friends. So that is already a lot of gifts and happy memories for my and for my cousins and friends.

However, my plan was thwarted.

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Serenitea. This was quite an exciting surprise for me. I opened the package and found these waiting for me.

Holiday Gift from Serenitea: GCs, Toblerone bars, and a secret package for Ria Jose
Holiday Gift from Serenitea: GCs, Toblerone bars, and a secret package

Inside the box were Serenitea Gift Certificates, Toblerone Bars (IN DIFFERENT FLAVORS!), and a bag.

Holiday Gift from Serenitea
Holiday Gift from Serenitea

And inside the bag was this.

Serenitea Diary 2016
Serenitea Diary 2016

Yes, my very own Serenitea Diary 2016. I was too excited and I browsed it immediately. The journal had inspiring pages. There is a page for setting 2016 goals. Another for my personal mantra for 2016. And a page dedicated for my 2016 travel plans. You could say it is a planner designed to inspire.
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CBTL’s The Giving Journal

CBTL's The Giving Journal
CBTL’s The Giving Journal 2016

As a kid, nothing beats the feeling of receiving. But as we grow older, we realize that he best feeling in the world comes from giving. But why choose between receiving and giving when you can enjoy both with CBTL’s The Giving Journal.

Every year, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf invites its patrons to Brew Your Best Year with The Giving Journal. And this year is no different. With the Holiday 2016 Theme #GiveFlavorfully, CBTL hosted its first ever Holiday Launch in Davao City.

The event’s highlight is the launch of The Giving Journal 2016. The Giving Journal is named as such because a portion of the proceeds of your CBTL purchases go to a special cause.

CBTL has partnered with the Real LIFE Foundation to support the educational needs of the less fortunate. Since it has launched The Giving Journal in the Philippines in 2011, CBTL has sponsored 38 university scholars. Of the 28, 13 have already graduated. These students have been given the chance to fulfill their dreams and the dreams of their families.

The Giving Journal is a token that reminds CBTL patrons that they are part of CBTL’s efforts to help the community. And through The Giving Journal, CBTL shares the joy of giving this holiday season.

For the Holiday 2015 Season, CBTL has crafted beautiful journals which inspires its owners to be more and do more for themselves and for others. It contains pages for crafting your goals, your 2016 mantra, and even your travel plans for the year. Plus, every month, there is a simple theme that will inspire your to brew your best year.

The Giving Journal 2016 is available in four gorgeous colors: Mustard, Purple, Tan, and Tiffany Blue.

Davao Bloggers with CBTL's The Giving Journals 2016: Robert Villamor, Jexx Hinggo, Clea Banal, April Joyce Garcia, Sunshine Espiritu, Jeffrey Mondia
Davao Bloggers with CBTL’s The Giving Journals 2016

Guess which one I got.
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