Date Me Thursday with Asus ZenFone Go

Date Me Thursdays with Asus ZenFone Go

Asus Zenfone Go 7 Days of Summer Thursday
Date Me Thursday with Asus ZenFone Go

Today’s theme for the 7 Days of Summer with Asus ZenFone Go series Date Me Thursdays. Uhmmm… give me a moment.

So how do you celebrate Date Me Thursdays if you’re single? Simple! Celebrate with #TeamSingle. Date yourself. I know. Some things are better when you’re sharing it with someone special. But why pine for that when you can have fun alone?

Most people are uncomfortable doing just about anything alone. Me? I love it. Ever since I was in college, I have been fond of dining out alone, watching a movie alone, traveling alone… practically doing anything alone.

So this is my challenge to you today. Do something you’d usually do with a partner and do it alone. Dine. Watch a movie. Travel. Go to the mall. And capture those fun moments alone with your Asus ZenFone Go.

Date Me Thursday with Asus ZenFone Go
Date Me Thursday with Asus ZenFone Go

That’s me enjoying Ilocos alone. Well, I wasn’t really alone. I was with old and new friends. But I decided to have some #TeamSingle fun and have my photos taken at famous Ilocos landmarks with my non-existent boyfriend. It was tons of fun. Must remind myself to do more of these #TeamSingle photos.

So don’t take this day too seriously. Have some fun. Date Me Thursdays can be fun even if you’re a member of #TeamSingle like me.

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