MySmart App for Prepaid

Life On the Go with the MySmart App

I’m traveling again in a few weeks and life is about to get very busy. So it is always great news for me to learn about and use practical apps that make life easier. One of these apps that make me more productive while on the go is the MySmart App.

Checking my Prepaid Load and Credits with the MySmart App
Checking my Prepaid Load and Credits with the MySmart App. Photo by Miel.

I currently maintain 4 Smart Prepaid accounts, one for my iPhone, two for my 2 Pocket Wifi units, and one for my Asus ZenFone Max. (Don’t ask why. Just accept the fact that this is true. Haha!) Keeping track of the prepaid load, credits, and packages subscribed on these units can be so confusing. Now, I can easily check, update, and even reload all my accounts with just one app.

MySmart App Smart Prepaid Transactions

The MySmart App allows SMART Prepaid users to do several transactions in just a few minutes, with just a few taps.

MySmart App, the SMART Way to manage your mobile life
MySmart App, the SMART Way to manage your mobile life

Here are the transactions you can accomplish with the app:

  • Check Balance and Usage
  • Check Add-Ons Expiry
  • Avail/Buy Add-Ons
  • Buy eLoad
  • File a Help Ticket
  • Register to Rewards
  • Activate International Roaming
  • PUK Code Retrieval
  • Check Call and Text Card Status
  • File a Prepaid Complaint
  • Bills Payment for other accounts
  • View and Redeem Perks

These are all you and I need to keep my prepaid SMART accounts organized and updated.

On the Go with MySmart App

So while I’ll be busy with my work/org/recreation trip in a few weeks, I don’t have to worry about loading my accounts, memorizing keywords and access numbers, and keeping track of balances and subscriptions.

Here are some helpful Diyosa tips on how to make the most of your MySmart App while you’re traveling:

  1. Check your SMART Prepaid Account load balances and package subscriptions.
  2. Load your PayMaya Account before traveling so you can easily reload your SMART Prepaid accounts using your PayMaya account.
  3. Bring a back up prepaid load card just in case your PayMaya credits run out or your credit card is suddenly not able to charge anything.
  4. Subscribe to Giga50 for 1GB of data plus 300MB for streaming on YouTube and iflix, valid for three days.
  5. Have a fully charged SMART LTE Pocket Wifi gadget on hand while on the go.
  6. Always bring a powerbank and a cord so you can recharge your gadgets while on the go.

Now, you’re ready to travel, run errands, focus on all your work and life stuff, without worrying about your Prepaid load or subscriptions. But first, don’t forget to download the MySMart App from the App Store or from Google Play. It’s free! And enroll all your Prepaid and Postpaid SMART, SMART Infinity, TnT, and SmartBro accounts.

Live the #SmartLife.

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Second photo by Miel Laquindanum. IG @caramielrush.