#ThankYou, DBS Fam!

“A grateful heart is a happy heart.”

This is one of the things that I have learned and have lived by. 2016 has been a challenging one for me but the little things remind me that there are always things I should be grateful for and this makes me happy no matter how sad, lonely, or angry I felt. Similarly, AirAsia Philippines aims to inspire me and many others to celebrate the holidays with a grateful heart. Check out their #ThankYou video.

With the spirit of gratitude that AirAsia imbibes, I am more inspired to live each day with a grateful heart.

As we approach the end of 2016 and celebrate the Christmas season, I would like to say #ThankYou to a lot of people… most of all a heartfelt #ThankYou, DBS Fam! <3

2016 has been a challenging one for me as I struggled to make sense of many things. I lost a part of myself somehow but I gained so much more than I could have ever imagined. From strangers, members of my beloved Davao Bloggers Society (DBS) became family to me.

While my family has always been there for me and will forever be my fortress of solitude, I consider DBS as my baby. An organization so close and dear to my heart that when we faced adversity I was heartbroken. Fortunately, DBS rose from the ashes like a phoenix. And it was not because of me or my hardwork. I credit the organization’s resilience and successes to its current officers and more so its members who have risen up to the challenge of contributing to the organization’s success.

We worked hard and played hard. Through our brainstorming meetings, shoots, nakakaumay tambays, food trips, mentoring sessions, Pokemon hunting parties, alak nights, and even more food trips, we became closer. We pushed each other to be better bloggers and better persons. While we are mostly competitive people, we opted to collaborate rather than compete. Taught and learned from each other. Celebrated each other’s victories and successes. We drew strength and inspiration from each other.

Here are some of our best moments together in 2016.

It has been an awesometastic 2016. Definitely, one for the books.

#ThankYou, DBS Fam! Daghang salamat kaayo for giving me a million reasons to work harder, push myself more, be better. Sa dami ng napagdaanan natin ngayong 2016, pinatunayan niyo sa akin na maraming mabubuting tao sa mundo, na hindi sayang ang ating mga pinaghirapan, na marami pa tayong pwedeng gawing kabutihan para sa isa’t isa at para sa ating komunidad. Daghang salamat!

You inspire me in so many ways. Labyu.

PS Wag pasaway at wag niyo akong ipa-high blood. Joke. Pero hindi. CHAROT!

17 thoughts on “#ThankYou, DBS Fam!”

  1. So happy to be part of the DBS Fam too. 40% of my happiness of 2016! The other 60% are my kids! Haha. You made my year fun and I am glad you are part of it Ate Ria. Thank you for the memories! ❤❤❤ #DBStheBest

  2. Words can’t describe how thankful I am to be part of this amazing family and you’re one of the reasons why I’m still here enjoying the company. Indeed, #DBStheBEST!

  3. Blessed to be part of this great family. I’m glad that I set aside my shyness and joined this year. 2016 has been a remarkble year for me because of you guys! Thanks DBS Fam, most especially to you Ate Ria! 😘💞✨

  4. Salamat DBS Fam! you make my life less boring :p and To Te Riii <3 salamat sa pagshare ng mga alam mo bout blogging <3 looking forward to being with y'all throughout the following years.

  5. Ate ria ❤ makahappy talaga na part na ako ng family na ito and I can really feel the love sa isa’t-isa (wink) 😊❤ thank you din te for being so welcoming lalo na bago pa ako and for being so generous sa mga alam mo. More power to you ate ria 🙂 and i can’t wait for 2017, more adventures to come!

  6. Yay! I couldn’t agree more! Indeed I’m so blessed and thankful to be part of this family❤️ Very accommodating. Truly, DBS is an epitome of an org. Also, thanks to you ate Riiiii for being so kind and welcoming charot! ✨ Looking forward for more adventures and mentoring hahah😂 #DBSthebest

  7. Thank you ria! Kahit sa totoo lang first impression ko talaga sayo, “maldita lagi yan sya”. Kahit di pa kita kilala. Tapos bigala na lang, “ay lukaret din pala tong babaeng to.” Haha. I’m glad to be part of the DBS Fam! #DBStheBest talaga!

  8. Thank you, Ria! Akala ko talaga noong una maldita ka ba. Pero loka-loka ka rin pala. You make DBS events brighter and funnier. I’m so glad to be part of DBS and met crazy people like you. Thank you, DBS! #DBStheBest talaga!

  9. I found a new set of family in Davao Bloggers Society. Overwhelming ang support na ibinibigay ng bawat miyembro sa organization. True that even we faced challenges and conflicts, we did rise up and evolved to something better. Wishing our ties will get stronger in 2017 and more opportunities will open up for all of us.

  10. I just watched this and omg nanindog akong balahibo + cried. Umagang-umaga, bes! Huhu. I don’t know how we became this close guys, but I am beyond grateful with what we are now. You guys are one of my inspirations and treasures in my life. Thank you so much Ate Ri for what you have done for me and the rest of the DBS. Yun talaga yung mga bagay na di mababayaran ng salapi. Thank you for being there whenever we need you even if we did not ask for help, for guiding us in the things we do, for sharing your blessings and knowledge to us, for welcoming us when we feel left out, for correcting our mistakes in a way that would help us grow, and most especially, thank you for believing in me and pushing me to do things that I think I cannot even do. You are not even obliged to do those things for us, but there you are. Thank you! You are a blessing to everyone. Ikaw ang nag-iisa naming Diyosa. Cheers to more unforgettable and crazy moments to come. Love you Ate Ri! Love you, my DBS fam! <3

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