AirAsia #ThankYou Blogging Contest

As 2016 comes to a close, AirAsia Philippines thanks everybody for a fruitful year. Via their #ThankYou campaign, AirAsia Philippines aims to share the spirit of gratitude. AirAsia Philippines celebrates this via their #ThankYou video and the AirAsia #ThankYou Blogging Contest.

AirAsia says Thank You for Christmas 2016
AirAsia says Thank You for Christmas 2016
More than words, Air Asia expresses their gratitude with a heartwarming #ThankYou video.

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By sharing this video, you too can spread the joy of gratitude. And for bloggers like me, your gratitude can turn into all expense paid trips. As part of their #ThankYou campaign, AirAsia Philippines invites bloggers to share with their readers why and to whom they are thankful for this 2016.

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AirAsia #ThankYou Blogging Contest Mechanics

Here are the complete mechanics of the AirAsia #ThankYou Blogging Contest.

  1. Blog about the AirAsia #ThankYou campaign by:
    • Watching the AirAsia #ThankYou video, embed it from the AirAsia Philippines Facebook page (link: to your blog post and make it the inspiration to your story.
    • Develop blog content by answering this: “Who do you want to thank this Christmas season and why?”
    • Connect it to the AirAsia #ThankYou online video.
    • Invite people to watch the video and spread the culture of gratitude this Christmas season.
  2. Share your blog post entry on your Facebook account, tag the person you want to thank (if the person does not have a Facebook account then you can just mention him or her on the Facebook post) and use the hashtags #AirAsiaPH and #ThankYou. Make sure your Facebook account is in public setting.
  3. Register your entry by e-mailing your full name, e-mail address, contact number, birth date and the title and URL of your blog entry. Deadline of publishing of blog post and submission of entries [is on December 31, 2016] has been extended to January 6, 2017.
  4. Announcement of winners is on January 6, 2016.
  5. Criteria for Judging:
    • 60% Creativity / Writing
    • 20% Use of Media (Photos, Videos, Artworks, Sounds, etc.)
    • 10% Popularity (Positive comments on the blog)
  6. The prizes will be:
    • 1st Prize: 2 international round trip tickets + PhP20,000
    • 2nd Prize: 1 international and 1 domestic round trip tickets + PhP10,000
    • 3rd Prize: 2 domestic round trip tickets + PhP5,000
  7. This contest is open to all Filipino bloggers age 18 years old and above who reside in the Philippines. Their blogs should be in existence for at least one year and have a minimum of 20 blog posts.
  8. Winners will be notified on the claiming of prizes.

For a quick reference, you may download this image file of the mechanics.

AirAsia #ThankYou Blogging Contest Mechanics
AirAsia #ThankYou Blogging Contest Mechanics

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