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PayMaya in Messenger

Who thinks going cashless is awesome? I do. Receiving money and sending money, paying bills, checking on your account, and shopping (of course) with just the click of a button is convenient and stress-free. And the one thing I buy almost everyday with just my virtual card is load. The virtual card I use for this PayMaya. Luckily for me, we now have PayMaya in Messenger.

PayMaya in Messenger makes it easier for me to buy load since I don’t have to log in to my PayMaya app anymore to accomplish this simple task.

PayMaya in Messenger

Check out this short demo video I made on How I bought Load using PayMaya in Messenger.

Note that I did this off the bat, without practice and without doing any second takes. Filmed while doing the PayMaya connection and the buying of the load. #TrueStory

Here are the steps:

  1. Connect your PayMaya Account to Messenger.
  2. Confirm account connection.
  3. Click “Buy Load.”
  4. Choose the amount of load you’re buying.
  5. Confirm.

Easy, right?

Give 50, Earn 50 via PayMaya in Messenger

Here’s another great news from PayMaya. You can earn P50 for every friend you refer to open PayMaya in Messenger. And your friend gets P50, as well. You can buy load or an app with the money you earn.

Check out the complete Promo Mechanics.
The promo is open to all PayMaya customers who have their accounts linked to the Messenger app. Promo period is from December 6 to 19, 2017.

How to refer and earn:

  1. Access your PayMaya account in Messenger by visiting this link: http://pymy.co/get50
  2. Click on the promo notification and share the promo message to your Messenger contacts (open to both Smart and Globe subscribers).
  3. Alternatively, you can also click on “Promos” in the menu and select “Refer Friends, Get P50” to access the promo message which you can share to your friends.
  4. Each time a friend successfully opens or links a PayMaya account in Messenger, you (sender) will get P50 in your PayMaya account. Your friend (receiver), in return, will also receive P50 in his/her PayMaya account.
  5. Users can only share the promo message to up to 25 friends, and can then earn a maximum of P1,250 worth of incentives (maximum of 25 successful referrals only).
  6. Rewards will be credited to both the sender and receiver within one to three business days after the PayMaya account has been created/linked.

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#PHforPokemonGo with freenet and PayMaya

The hype is real, people. Confession: I was never a fan of Pokemon. Never watched the show. Never collected the cards. Never played any of the games. What little I know about it is from overhearing about it from people, reading about it, and from watching a few online videos referencing about Pokemon.

But here I am enthusiastically waiting for Pokemon GO to be released in the Philippines. Not because I’m a fan but the game seems interesting enough. And it is too much of a global phenomenon to ignore.

Pokemon GO Updates on freenet
Pokemon GO Updates on freenet

Pokemon GO is a location-based mobile app of the Nintendo affiliate The Pokemon Company. It is developed by Niantic Labs. Pokemon GO allows players to be Pokemon Masters and “Catch ‘me all.” Using the GPS and camera of their smartphones, players can catch and train Pokemons. The good thing about this is players are encouraged to go out and explore. The bad thing? It’s highly addictive.

I am one of the many Filipinos who check the App store every now and then so I could quickly download and play Pokemon Go once it reaches the tropical shores of the Philippines.

Here’s the good news: freenet and PayMaya are all set to help us be the very best and maximize the potential of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO on freenet

Download the freenet app on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store and get updates about the release of Pokemon GO in the Philippines. Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers will be able to read the latest news and social media feeds via freenet. Absolutely free.

Download the freenet App now to be in the loop. And be one of the first to read updates and who knows, you’ll also be one of the first few to download the game in the Philippines.

You can easily track news and updates with the #PhforPokemonGO hashtag that’s being used everywhere.

Enjoy Pokemon GO with PayMaya

And when the Pokemon GO app finally launches in the Philippines you can do in-app purchases using PayMaya. PayMaya is the allows users to buy online even when they do not have a credit card or debit card. It is a virtual debit card that you can easily load from many loading centers.

Just download the PayMaya app free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Load up with at least P60 to cover the standard app store verification fee. Link your virtual VISA card to your App Store or Google Play Store account. You’re good to go and ready to buy Pokecoins.

PayMaya users may easily load up at over 15,000 PayMaya reloading stations nationwide including 7-Eleven Stores with Cliqq kiosks, SM Malls Business Centers, Robinsons Department Stores, Bayad Centers, TouchPay Kiosks, and Smart Padala Centers, and online banking via BDO.

So before Pokemon GO finally arrives in the Philippines, download freenet and load up your PayMaya account so you can be the very best. Catch ’em all.

For more information about PayMaya and how you can get your own PayMaya card, visit http://www.paymaya.com. To know more about the free and fun way to connect through freenet, visit http://www.freenet.ph.