Samsung Soundbar Festival 2017

Want to amp up your home viewing experience? Give your home theatre experience a boost with new a sound system from the Samsung Soundbar Festival.

Samsung Soundbar Festival 2017 Nationwide until September 17.
Samsung Soundbar Festival 2017 until September 17, 2017.

Samsung Soundbars

To get that unparalleled home viewing experience, get a Samsung Sondbar. Samsung boasts of having the best global sales every year. And it promises to raise the bar of every household’s home entertainment. You can now watch films, series, and online videos, play video games, and listen to music with amped up sound.

Samsung Soundbars have multiple built-in speakers with dedicated amplifiers. The speakers are designed to produce realistic multi-dimensional audio to create theatre quality sound in your own space.

Samsung Soundbars has seamless wireless connectivity so you can use it with your television set, smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Freebies during the Samsung Soundbar Festival

Get as much as 40% off on your purchases of premium-grade soundbars from Samsung until September 17.

And to further improve your own home theatre, you also get freebies with your Samsung Soundbar purchase.

If you buy Samsung’s Soundbar with Dolby ATMOS (HW-K950), you get a Wireless Audio 360 speaker and a Blu-Ray player. Awesome!

And if you purchase Samsung Soundbar models HW-MS751, HW-MS650, HW-M4501, and HW-M550, you get free wireless rear speakers.

So do not miss this chance to have a better home theatre experience. Treat yourself to a Samsung Soundbar.

Check out Samsung’s complete lineup of high-quality Samsung soundbars on the Samsung Facebook page at or at

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