Roadtrip Fridays with Asus ZenFone Go

Roadtrip Fridays with Asus ZenFone Go
Roadtrip Fridays with Asus ZenFone Go

TGIF!!! Time to take the gang on the road. The weekend starts with Roadtrip Fridays with and Asus ZenFone Go. With an Android Lollipop 5.1 OS and 2,070 mAh battery capacity, the ZenFone Go is an incredible companion for roadtrips.

But first, use Google Maps to chart your course.

Roadtrip Fridays with ZenFone Go and Google Maps
Roadtrip Fridays with ZenFone Go and Google Maps

I prefer Google Maps over other map and navigation apps. Maybe because I am more used it than other maps apps. I use Google Maps to check out our driving or commuting time and possible routes. It also shows me rest stops, gasoline stations, food stops, and other important destination or stop points along the way. I find that Google Maps is a good guide in most parts of the Philippines.

Some of my friends prefer Waze. I only use Waze in urban centers and places with heavy traffic. If you think there’s an even better app out there, let me know.

Don’t forget to take photos of fun and funny moments during your roadtrip. And of course, tonsss of selfies.

Roadtrip Fridays Selfie
Roadtrip Selfie

Capture moments with ZenFone Go’s 8MP, f/2.0 Aperture, Auto focus with Flash rear camera. And those selfies will definitely look good with a 2M, FF front camera. And of course, share these moments through social media.

And for those long drives, you will never get bored with streaming apps.

Roadtrip Fridays with iFlix
Roadtrip with iFlix

My favorite is iFlix. Hours or a day before long trips, I download films and series episodes on iFlix so I can watch them uninterrupted during the trip. Once downloaded, I can watch it seamlessly even if there’s spotty connection while on the trip.
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MYOH Davao 2016

It’s that time of the year again. Time for MYOH Davao 2016! MYOH stands for Make Your Own Havaianas.

Once a year, Havaianaticos get the chance to design their own Havaianas. And yup, thanks to Havaianas Philippines and Martish Marketing, I get the chance to be one of the first to create my own Havaianas in Davao this year.

Check out the kawaii invite I got.

MYOH Davao 2016 Invite
MYOH Davao 2016 Invite

Yup, yup. This year’s MYOH is Japanese-themed. It is inspired from the Japanese Zori thong sandals. This year’s commemorative soles and pins are all inspired from all things Japan. The commemorative soles have a Shibori pattern, available in top and slim. And there are super kawaii pins that reflect everything there is to love about the land of the rising sun.

Check out my dream MYOH 2016 Flip-Flops:

My dream MYOH 2016 Pair: Shibori Slim Sole with Japan-inspired pins
My dream MYOH 2016 Pair: Shibori Slim Sole with Japan-inspired pins

It is a slim Shibori sole with metallic pink straps and too cute for words commemorative Japan pins. On the right side are delicious Japanese stuff: sushi, ramen, and Japanese beer. One the left side are a pretty Japanese girl, a Japanese fan, and the beautiful but elusive sakura cherry blossom.

Beautiful, right? Crossing my fingers I get this exact pair tomorrow.
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Date Me Thursdays with Asus ZenFone Go

Asus Zenfone Go 7 Days of Summer Thursday
Date Me Thursday with Asus ZenFone Go

Today’s theme for the 7 Days of Summer with Asus ZenFone Go series Date Me Thursdays. Uhmmm… give me a moment.

So how do you celebrate Date Me Thursdays if you’re single? Simple! Celebrate with #TeamSingle. Date yourself. I know. Some things are better when you’re sharing it with someone special. But why pine for that when you can have fun alone?

Most people are uncomfortable doing just about anything alone. Me? I love it. Ever since I was in college, I have been fond of dining out alone, watching a movie alone, traveling alone… practically doing anything alone.

So this is my challenge to you today. Do something you’d usually do with a partner and do it alone. Dine. Watch a movie. Travel. Go to the mall. And capture those fun moments alone with your Asus ZenFone Go.

Date Me Thursday with Asus ZenFone Go
Date Me Thursday with Asus ZenFone Go

That’s me enjoying Ilocos alone. Well, I wasn’t really alone. I was with old and new friends. But I decided to have some #TeamSingle fun and have my photos taken at famous Ilocos landmarks with my non-existent boyfriend. It was tons of fun. Must remind myself to do more of these #TeamSingle photos.
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