Mikki Galang Hair [Discount Code Inside]

Want gorgeous colored locks but cannot commit to having your hair bleached and colored? Or you simply do not have the time to take care of colored hair? Treat yourself to gorgeous Lace-front Wigs from Mikki Galang Hair.

Elektra Mikki Galang Hair Discount Code DavaoB_MG48
Elektra – Mikki Galang Hair

Whether you feel like having a more glamorous look for a formal event or a more daring one for a fun event, colored hair can easily give you a new look. Hair, after all, is your crowning glory. And there’s no better way to style it than to give it a pop of color.

Most people opt for a subtle hair color change. Maybe a lighter shade of brown from roots to tips. Or sunkissed balayage maintaining black roots with lighter tips. But for some, a shocking color or a melt of various bright colors is what they aim for.

Maintaining colored hair is not easy, though. Bleached and colored hair are more brittle and prone to damage, falling, split ends, adn even dandruff. Attaining your #hairgoals can also be a tedious process. Bleaching alone can take hours. And for some, their professional duties do not allow them to have colored hair.

The best solution for a new eye catching hair you can easily wear and take off? Wigs.

Mikki Galang Hair Lace-front Wigs

Wigs have been around for a long time but people wear it only with special costumes such as Halloween costumes. Most wigs are obviously wigs. They look fake and unnatural. Wearing wigs will make you stick out. And you would look weird if you wore it during formal events.

Good thing Lace-Front Wigs are now available. Lace-front wigs look natural as it imitates the natural hairline. It gives the wearer a full look, front and back. If worn properly, nobody will notice that you are wearing a wig.

Blogger and digital influencer, Mikki Galang fancies wearing different wigs on her hair, depending on her mood. And she is sharing her passion through her online shop, Mikki Galang Hair at http://mikkigalang.com/shop/.

Reid - Mikki Galang Hair
Reid – Mikki Galang Hair
Kitana - Mikki Galang Hair
Kitana – Mikki Galang Hair
Amber - Mikki Galang Hair
Amber – Mikki Galang Hair

Through her shop, you can buy your own lace-front wigs in specially curated colors, lengths, and styles. I think it is awesome that there are wigs that have balayage and multi-color styles, wigs that have black roots, and even wigs that are curly. There is a wig for every mood, occasion, or any version of you.

Mikki Galang Hair Discount Code

Prices of Lace-front Wigs by Mikki Galang Hair range from P2,800 to P3,500.

Luckily, we have a special discount code for you. You can buy Mikki Galang Hair at 10% off with code DavaoB_MG48.

Hurry! This code is only applicable until tomorrow, September 28, 2017.

Shop for your own Mikki Galang Hair now at http://mikkigalang.com/shop/.

All images from MikkiGalang.com.

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